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Bakery Essentials
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Bakery Essentials

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  • The Bakery Essentials Certificate programme has been developed for those who have a passion for the baking arts. Using only the finest ingredients, students will master the art of sponges, cookies, filled and layered cakes, mousse cups, pies, tarts, cheesecakes and breads.
  • Two full days of lots of hands-on experience that will solve all the problems that you have ever encountered whilst baking.
  • Solid course content to please the serious baker, teaching the science of baking through both theoretical and practical applications.
  • Totally hands-on, most recipes are individually hand made by each student individually.
  • Tonnes of tips, quick substitutions, latest ingredients and tools knowledge is discussed.
  • Is previous experience needed for this course?                                

No! The Bakery Essential is a great course for complete newbies as well as a comprehensive learning for someone who has been baking but now looking to upgrade their skills. We will begin class from scratch, yet it will cover essential foundational information that a seasoned self taught baker may have missed out on.

  • Do I need to carry any ingredients or tools?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Nope. We provide everything you will need. All we ask you carry is a pen, an apron and a roll of paper towel/small hand towel.

  • Will I carry back the items I prepare in class

Yes! Be prepared to wow your family and friends with scrumptious goodies when you return home each day! 

  • Is this a certified course?

Upon completion (and full attendance) all students will receive a Certificate.

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